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Water Supply

WTP Stage-1

WTP stage-1 is established near Kamand Bridge on UHL River which is passing along the Reyagadi road. From UHL River, suction pipe of dia 6 inch lift water through 7.5HP mono submersible pumps to raw water tank-1 of capacity 1,00,000 litres. 40HPSubmersible pumps lift water through G.I. pipe of dia 6” from raw water tank-1 to raw water tank-2(Stage-2) of capacity 3, 35,000 litres.

WTP Stage-2

WTP stage-2 is established in Gharpa area (LP-6) of South Campus of IIT Mandi. Water flow under gravity from Raw water tank-2(Stage-2) of Capacity 3,35,000 to Pre-Settling tank, then to flocullator, then to settling tank and then through Slow sand filter bed. After all these filtration processes water gets collected in Clear Water tank of capacity 3,35,000 litres. Water from clear water tank gets lifted by 100HP Submersible pumps from clear water tank to Main overhead storage tank of capacity 3, 35,000 litres.

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