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Welcome to IIT Mandi Child Care Facility! A corner where you will be greeted by cheerful yells or busy fingers or just silent snores of tired young souls. Alongside other state of the art research and educational facilities, IIT Mandi also provides this valuable service to parents during the work day. Located in South and North campuses, these facilities provide a fun filled learning environment for children of IIT Mandi's students and employees. Parents can leave their children confidently in the care of experienced and caring staff appointed after a selection process. The teachers and care givers tend to the specific needs of infants and children upto 10 years. The tots are kept engaged in age appropriate schedules that cater to their overall development. Parents can avail of the facilities either part time or full time. The child care facilities are housed in safe and pleasant units with infrastructure available for feeding, sleeping and conducting various indoor and outdoor activities. Division into four sections, i.e. Infants (below 1 year), toddlers (1-3 years), pre-schoolers (3-4 years) and schoolers (above 5 years), help in providing specific care as required. For instance, the infant & toddler sections are provided with separate cribs for sleeping and high chairs for feeding. The pre-schoolers and schoolers are provided help with homework and sleeping facilities after school hours.

Some Glimpse

The infrastructure includes facilities to cater to the varying needs of the various age groups of children.

The Infants (below 1 year) and Toddlers (1-3 years) sections are provided with separate cribs for sleeping. The comfortable cribs adhere to safety norms for the young ones. Mealtimes are made safe and convenient with high chairs and booster seats that allow them to explore their food while being fed!

The Pre-schoolers (3-4 years) and Schoolers (5 years and above) are provided comfortable cots for afternoon naps. A study room provides them with a quiet environment to complete any homework or additional study activities. The same room then turns into a noisy playroom when the creative minds get busy with their fantasy plays.
Toys appropriate for the various sections are provided. Of course, do not be surprised to find a curious toddler reaching for toys she sees in the older children's hands!
While indoors is safe and fun, who can keep the restless feet from outdoors. To move the fun outdoors there is also an outdoor playground with slides and swings to expend that extra energy!

To apply for admission in Full/Half day mode to either of the facilities, kindly follow the below instructions:

  • Annual Registration Fee: 1,000/- per annum (April-March) The registration fee would be chargeable every year.
  • Monthly Charge for full day user: 1,500/- per month. Attendance in both morning and afternoon session.
  • Monthly Charge for half day user: 1,000/- per month. Attendance in any one session morning or afternoon.
  • Children of visitors/casual user charges: 200/- per day

To fill the form offline, please download and fill up the registration form and email the same to the respective committee chair.

To fill the form online:
  • Fill in the information requested in the below registration form. Kindly ensure all fields marked * are filled.
  • Generate the PDF registration form by clicking on 'Download to PDF'.
  • Check if information in PDF is accurate and email to the respective committee chair.
Bank Details A/C Name: IIT Mandi-Kamand Day Care A/C No: 35268483823 IFSC: SBIN0013711 SBI Kamand It is requested to share the fee payment receipt to daycare@iitmandi.ac.in

Responsibilities of the Parents:

We request you to kindly familiarize yourself with the guidelines for parents in order to maintain smooth operations at the child care facility.

Recommended items to pack for children:

  • Clothes: Extra set of comfortable clothing.
  • Meals: Breakfast, snacks, milk, lunch appropriate for your child.
  • Utensils: Spoon/fork, plate, water-bottle, tumbler.
  • Bedding: Bedsheet, pillow, pillow case, blanket. For infants & toddlers not yet toilet trained, quick dry sheets are advised.
  1. Discipline is necessary for smooth functioning of the center. Parents are expected to teach their children to follow the staff’s instructions and encourage them to adhere to the Daycare schedule.
  2. An age appropriate schedule is implemented to help the child learn, develop and enjoy his/her stay at the center. The parents are requested to cooperate with the staff in adhering to the timetable.
  3. The parents are not allowed to treat the staff as their personal attendants and order them around. Any issues associated with the Daycare should be brought to the notice of the committee for appropriate action.
  4. Please do not criticize the staff in front of children. Any on the spot criticism should be handled in a polite and professional manner.
  5. For kids with new admission, the parents are allowed to stay with the kid for about Maximum 3/4 weeks to familiarize them with the environment.
  6. The parents or their personal attendants are not allowed to oversee their kids on the daycare premises for extended periods of time.
  7. Being as IIT Mandi family, all kids will be treated equally; no special attention should be expected by the parent.
  8. Children should be restrained from going to the daycare when they are seriously ill or are suffering from contagious diseases like viral fever, chicken pox etc. The parents should take full responsibility of administering medicines to their kids.
  9. In case of any illness, the staff should be notified and details of care/medicine should be provided.
  10. The parents should not expect the teacher to do the homework of their kids.
  11. Items for individual use like plates/utensils, clothing, bed sheet, study materials etc should be provided by the parent. An extra pair of clothing is advisable.
  12. The parents should take the responsibility to pick up their kids from the Daycare on time.
  13. The parents of the registered kids are welcome to visit the Daycare occasionally and care should be taken not to disrupt the regular activities.
  14. Parents wanting to send their kids on part time basis should ensure that they adhere to the Daycare schedule. It is advisable to avoid sleeping time and send them during the play or study time.

This is the second item's accordion body.
  1. The staffs are expected to mutually understand and cooperate with each other for the well being of kids and the smooth functioning of the Daycare. Besides their respective duties they should be ready to switch their roles when necessary.
  2. English is the preferred language of communication at the Daycare. The staff should make effort to adhere to it as much as possible.
  3. All children should be treated equally. Expectation for special attention by a parent should not be entertained.
  4. Each child is different. Staff should understand their needs and handle them accordingly in a friendly manner.
  5. Children should not be left unattended at any cost.
  6. In case of an emergency, information should be sent to the parents immediately.
  7. Staff should be medically fit and maintain personal hygiene.
  8. Staff should be present at the daycare premises during working hours.

  1. The teacher is not allowed to physically or mentally abuse children.
  2. The teacher has to engage the kids in activities as per the schedule.
  3. The teacher has to ensure the kids are playing in a safe and clean environment.
  4. The teacher should help the kids to do their homework and ensure that they do it by themselves.
  5. The teacher has to help the kids in having food, going to the toilet or any other needs of the kids.

  1. The caregiver is not allowed to physically or mentally abuse children.
  2. The caregiver has to ensure the kids are playing in a safe and clean environment.
  3. The caregiver should keep the daycare including the toilets neat and clean.
  4. The caregiver should use cutlery to serve food.
  5. The caregiver should help the kids in toilet and ensure that the toilets are clean after use.
  6. They should be with the kids during the play and sleep time.
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Hours of Operation

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Sat 8:45AM to 1:45PM


Sundays and IIT Mandi declared holidays. (Staff can be called on IIT functions during holidays.)


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