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The main source for the Power supply of IIT Mandi is Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board. IIT Mandi is getting the power supply From HPSEBL through 33 kV HT transmission line from Nandli Substation near to the campus. Further, Institute has in house 33/11 kV Receiving Substation (RSS) at North campus. The total connected load of IIT Mandi campus is 10.90 MW. For catering this load Inst. has 2X5 MVA power transformers installed at RSS. 33 kV supply is steeped down to 11 kV and distributed to the different 11/0.415 kV Sub-stations installed at North and South campuses.In addition, Inst. has 4 Substations at North campus and 3 Substations at South campus. Presently, Institute is being fed through the Nandli substation, which is fed from Mandi 132/33 kV Substation. One more power source, stand by 33 kV HT line from Pandoh to Nandli Substation have been completed by HPSEBL during September 2022. In near future for getting uninterrupted power supply to our campus one more source have been planned and taken up with HPSEBL. The following alternate lines work is under progress: • 33 kV feeder from Kullu to Nandli Substation. The power can be transferred on this line in the event of failure of dedicated feeder.

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33 & 11 kVA Power Supply


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